I’mma Spam on February

neil jam spam

I’m happy to announce that my painting Spam will be among the many featured works at the MySLArt presents 33February exhibition, opening this Friday night, February 24th.  The gallery is in Webster Groves, MO, and the show will be up through March 13th.  I’ll be on hand at the reception and would be happy to say hello to anyone.

As for Spam, this was a piece I completed about a year ago.  I suppose I was aiming for something in the outdoors-man Chewbacca realm.  I had only just recently become acquainted with the actual Spam product.  It’s really not bad.  It goes good with eggs.

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Year In Review


I know I look silly in this picture, but it’s in the spirit of the season (It’s a Santa sweater, for the record).  And in that same spirit, I’d like to reflect a bit on the year that has been.  2016 was the year I finally started getting my paintings “out there.”

Though I had a couple of peaceful years toiling away on these paintings in seclusion, it really was something of a relief to start sharing them with actual people.  I’m pretty happy to have had three official showings in 2016.  After a solo coffee shop showing in the Spring, I took part in two group gallery exhibitions this past Fall.

I’d like to share them even more in 2017.  More paintings, more showings, and more inspiration is what I’m striving for.  And to help make my work more accessible, I’d also like to further re-purpose this website.  So look for even more images and more posts.  Did I mention this work is for sale?  Realigning the website should help make that more clear.  For now, though, if you see a piece you do like, feel free to email or message me.

Thanks for checking in on me in 2016.  I think we had a nice time.  Let’s do it some more in 2017.  Happy new year!

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Pour Yourself A Bowl


Grape-Nuts is now up and ready for all to see as part of the Art St. Louis 32 exhibit.  The opening reception was this past weekend, and I was there among the crowd taking it all in.


This all-themes show will be up through December 22, so there’s plenty of time to catch a glimpse of it yourself (and it’s free!).  Go ahead, and tell ’em Neil sent ya.

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Neil’s Holiday Art Fest


What would be the perfect way to cap off the year?  I think the answer may be “Neil’s Holiday Art Fest.”  On Saturday, December 10th, I’ll be hosting an artwork open house.  This will be a chance to showcase my paintings as well as to just hang out.  And the paintings are for sale (the perfect gift…?), though you certainly don’t have to be a buyer to be a looker.

It’ll go from noon through 6pm, with the idea that you can show up at any time and stay for as little or as long as you’d like.  There will be holiday music, refreshments, and even a holiday sweater or two.

If you’re in or around the St. Louis area at that time, don’t hesitate to stop by.  I’ve got a lot of paintings that I’m pretty proud of and eager to share.  There’s a Facebook event page with all the particulars here.  It’ll be cool.  We’ll hang out.

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Another Show, Y’all


I’m happy to say that I will be a part of yet another showing at Art Saint Louis.  My painting Grape-Nuts will be among the work of 51 total artists for their 32nd annual year end exhibition, “Art St. Louis XXXII.”

This is a yearly all media, all themes, all styles, and all techniques juried exhibit.  I’ll be on hand at the opening reception on Saturday November 12th and encourage anyone in or around the St. Louis area to participate as well.  There’s a handy facebook event page here.


I’ve chosen Grape-Nuts for this show.  I can’t say exactly why.  It’s a piece I completed well over a year ago.  Since this exhibition has no theme and pieces created over at least the last two years were allowed, I had plenty of options to consider for submitting.  Something about Grape-Nuts just seemed right.  Would you believe I’ve never even tried the cereal?

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