Music To Your… Eyes?

mix-tape-posterI’m going to be taking part in an upcoming group art show at Art Saint Louis.  My painting, MTV, has been accepted as part of Mix Tape, a show featuring works based on and inspired by music.  MTV will be just one of 46 works by a total of 36 artists.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, October 1st.  I’ll be on hand, so if you’d like to shake hands I’m cool with that.  Art Saint Louis has a page dedicated to the show here and a Facebook event page for the opening reception here.  Come check it out, won’t you?


I’ve also had a painting accepted into their next show, but I’ll talk more about that as it approaches.  I’m happy to get to continue to show my work, and I hope you will be too!

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Promotional Neil


I whipped up this handy flyer to further entice everyone to come check out my art show at Maeva’s Coffee.  It is technically supposed to be up through May 1st, but I felt like “all of April” had a better ring to it for the flyer.  So yeah, all of April.  And May 1st.

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On Display For You


My dream has finally come to fruition.  The fine people at Maeva’s Coffee in Alton, IL have agreed to show my paintings in their hallowed halls.  There are seventeen pieces in total and they’ll be up for all of April.  If you’re in or around the St. Louis area this is a great opportunity to see these babies in person and perhaps snatch one up to liven up your own home or office.  I’d be very happy for them to find a happy home.

Showing my artwork has been a goal of mine for a while now, and it is very gratifying for me to see them all up in a nice establishment like Maeva’s.  I consider it to be a momentous occasion and am looking forward to continuing this wacky project of ridiculous, funky, and oh-so-fun paintings.

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New Comic For The New Year

all me

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hostess1What happened was I just kept eating.  There was a Halloween lunch party and I couldn’t stop myself.  I ate it all.  This was over a year ago.  It had been a while since I’d painted anything and I wanted to give it another shot.  I’d already picked out some new canvases.  They were 18″x24.” I had yet to complete anything as large.

When I got home that day, I couldn’t believe how much I had eaten.  I felt like a total pig.  This would be my inspiration.  I was going to paint something that looked the way I felt.  That was how Hostess was born.  I was quite pleased with how he turned out.  He would spawn an entire series.  Stick around and I’ll introduce you to some more.

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