Neil’s Holiday Art Fest


What would be the perfect way to cap off the year?  I think the answer may be “Neil’s Holiday Art Fest.”  On Saturday, December 10th, I’ll be hosting an artwork open house.  This will be a chance to showcase my paintings as well as to just hang out.  And the paintings are for sale (the perfect gift…?), though you certainly don’t have to be a buyer to be a looker.

It’ll go from noon through 6pm, with the idea that you can show up at any time and stay for as little or as long as you’d like.  There will be holiday music, refreshments, and even a holiday sweater or two.

If you’re in or around the St. Louis area at that time, don’t hesitate to stop by.  I’ve got a lot of paintings that I’m pretty proud of and eager to share.  There’s a Facebook event page with all the particulars here.  It’ll be cool.  We’ll hang out.

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Another Show, Y’all


I’m happy to say that I will be a part of yet another showing at Art Saint Louis.  My painting Grape-Nuts will be among the work of 51 total artists for their 32nd annual year end exhibition, “Art St. Louis XXXII.”

This is a yearly all media, all themes, all styles, and all techniques juried exhibit.  I’ll be on hand at the opening reception on Saturday November 12th and encourage anyone in or around the St. Louis area to participate as well.  There’s a handy facebook event page here.


I’ve chosen Grape-Nuts for this show.  I can’t say exactly why.  It’s a piece I completed well over a year ago.  Since this exhibition has no theme and pieces created over at least the last two years were allowed, I had plenty of options to consider for submitting.  Something about Grape-Nuts just seemed right.  Would you believe I’ve never even tried the cereal?

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Man And His Art

scene of the crime

Well, I did it.  I participated in my first ever opening reception.  It all went down at Art Saint Louis this past weekend for the Mix Tape exhibit, which will be up through the 27th of October (and free).  I think it went pretty okay.  It was actually a lot like regular life, only we were all surrounded by artwork.

girl with painting

It was very gratifying to see my piece, MTV, in such a setting.  I’m pretty proud of it and encourage anyone in the St. Louis area to come check it out along with the rest of the show.  They also have a coffee area, if you’re into that sort of thing.

man and mtv

See how happy I was to be there?  Granted, the poor lighting over me doesn’t help much.  I’m just happy that MTV was well lit.  Because, in the end, isn’t it the art that matters?  But really, go check out the show.

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Music To Your… Eyes?

mix-tape-posterI’m going to be taking part in an upcoming group art show at Art Saint Louis.  My painting, MTV, has been accepted as part of Mix Tape, a show featuring works based on and inspired by music.  MTV will be just one of 46 works by a total of 36 artists.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, October 1st.  I’ll be on hand, so if you’d like to shake hands I’m cool with that.  Art Saint Louis has a page dedicated to the show here and a Facebook event page for the opening reception here.  Come check it out, won’t you?


I’ve also had a painting accepted into their next show, but I’ll talk more about that as it approaches.  I’m happy to get to continue to show my work, and I hope you will be too!

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Promotional Neil


I whipped up this handy flyer to further entice everyone to come check out my art show at Maeva’s Coffee.  It is technically supposed to be up through May 1st, but I felt like “all of April” had a better ring to it for the flyer.  So yeah, all of April.  And May 1st.

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