Year In Review


I know I look silly in this picture, but it’s in the spirit of the season (It’s a Santa sweater, for the record).  And in that same spirit, I’d like to reflect a bit on the year that has been.  2016 was the year I finally started getting my paintings “out there.”

Though I had a couple of peaceful years toiling away on these paintings in seclusion, it really was something of a relief to start sharing them with actual people.  I’m pretty happy to have had three official showings in 2016.  After a solo coffee shop showing in the Spring, I took part in two group gallery exhibitions this past Fall.

I’d like to share them even more in 2017.  More paintings, more showings, and more inspiration is what I’m striving for.  And to help make my work more accessible, I’d also like to further re-purpose this website.  So look for even more images and more posts.  Did I mention this work is for sale?  Realigning the website should help make that more clear.  For now, though, if you see a piece you do like, feel free to email or message me.

Thanks for checking in on me in 2016.  I think we had a nice time.  Let’s do it some more in 2017.  Happy new year!

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