Did you think I’d given up? Surely you know by now that will never happen. There are always happenings happening around here. Why just this weekend, for instance, August 10th and 11th, I’ll be on hand once again at the Chicago Comic Con. I’ll have all the usual goods with me, so do me a solid and swing on by. It’s a long multi-day show, but due to a scheduling conflict I’ll only be there on Saturday and Sunday, so please make a note of that. It looks like they’re gonna have a pretty large artist alley this year. Look for me at table M2.

Another thing I’d like to mention is this review Rob Clough recently posted about a couple of my recent books, Me and Jerry’s Journal Volume 2. It’s kinda cool how he talked about both books together, as they certainly do piggyback off of each other in terms of theme and content. He has some nice things to say, so check it out, and then contemplate whether you can continue living your life the way that you do without purchasing these books for yourself in the Neil Jam Shop.