Mocca Fest and Everythingness

Me and my new comic book Everythingness!

This past weekend’s Mocca Fest was fun. Wait a minute, scratch that. This past weekend’s Mocca Fest was monumental… Why? Because it marked the official release of my brand new comic book Everythingness!

I was finally able to chuck it into other people’s hands, and that felt great. Not only that, but while I was away, a couple of great reviews of the book popped up online. Check ’em out here and here.

So please, won’t you consider ordering a copy for your very own from the Hic & Hoc Publications store? We would be ever so grateful.

Speaking of Hic & Hoc Publications, Mocca Fest also served as a coming out party of sorts for this up and coming publisher of quality funny books. They were on hand with their own table as well. A dawn of a new era! I’m proud to say I was there.

Pat Aulisio, creator of "Bowman 2016" on the left next to Hic & Hoc head honcho Matt Moses

And finally, I would like to send a big shout out to Peter Crawley for producing that amazing pic of me at the top of this blog post. I think he might have said it was 3D, but don’t quote me on that. If you have any of those old glasses I suppose you could dig ’em out and see what happens…

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